Dunsford Show 

Today I took some animals along to the Dunsford Show. I must admit that I haven’t been to Dunsford, in the Teign Valley before.  The whole area is absolutely beautiful, the show is in the valley with trees and sea of green towering above you. 

The show had a brilliant atmosphere and was very well supported. I could only catch glimpses of the events in the main arena, but a number looked very interesting. 

My animals were not the only animals at the show, many dogs took part in a fun dog show and a horse show was on at the other end of the field.  Being a rider myself I would have liked to seen a lot more of the horses, I suppose that is a downside of working at these events. 

I had a brilliant time though and was delighted to be a part of the show.  Many people enjoyed seeing the animals, and thank you to everyone who supported my stall. 

See you next year!

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