I’m Chris Johnson, welcome to my website!

I’m offering hands-on, interactive Animal Encounters and Reptile Care Consultations with a goal to educate and inspire people to the wonders of the natural world, and improve the lives of reptiles in captivity.

All whilst promoting conservation of the natural world.

So Here’s A Bit About Me

For as long as I can remember I’ve been animal mad! Even as a young child I knew that I wanted to work with animals, so every spare minute was filled with research. Reading endless books and watching animal programmes, even school lunchtimes were an opportunity to get in the library and learn more about the natural world.

Much of my knowledge has come from this enormous amount of ongoing research and now I’ve gained many years of practical experience.

But with new discoveries, improved husbandry practices and advancing equipment, my thirst for knowledge and ability to raise husbandry standards is a continuous journey to which I am devoted.  

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Training a Red Tailed Hawk with friend Steve Hopper at South Hams Hawks & Owls

Working with animals has taken me into a variety of environments including specialist pet shops where my knowledge helped many customers to improve the lives of their pets, to volunteering and working in Zoos, to assisting HM Customs and Excise, where I was called upon to rehabilitate wild-caught reptiles that had been imported illegally.

I’ve even been involved in television work, and got to meet Sir David Attenborough!

Through hard work, dedication and a no expense spared attitude, I can safely say my animals are kept to the highest standards. Which has resulted in successfully breeding many species rarely bred in captivity.  

These high standards have gained approval by many respected professionals, including a number of vets.

Veterinary approval was essential to obtain my Dangerous Wild Animals Act License and Animal Activity License.

I also have the honour of being chairman of the South Western Herpetological Society, to which I joined as a budding teenage herpetologist, making many good friends and learning so much along the way.

As my life with animals continues, I hope the services i provide will inspire and educate many to the amazing animals we share our plantet with.

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