Reptile Consultancy

Reptiles are one of the most popular pets in the UK.  Many species can make for excellent animals to keep in captivity, unfortunately they are often mis-sold, with the wrong advise.

Many shops and individuals selling reptiles have little knowledge or experience with the animals they are selling and so advise beginners poorly.

imageOther issues can also arise within the business of selling animals.  In the pursuit of making money animals are often sold when they shouldn’t be, to the uniformed or indeed misinformed, often with the wrong equipment and without checking that the customer can provide for the animal’s needs.  Customers are regularly being sold unsuitable equipment in order to achieve the highest profit margin.


I have started a Reptile Consultancy service to help reptile owners with these issues!

I aim to provide owners with advice that can dramatically improve your pets quality of life.

You can read more about my experience in the ‘About’ page.  Hopefully this will give you confidence in my ability to help with your issues or concerns.

I can provide a professional and personal service to anyone who might need advice on any aspect of reptile husbandry, breeding, feeding, sexing or any other reptile related advice.


Just spotting that a reptile is unwell can be very difficult, unless you know what small signs to look for many reptiles suffer prolonged illness which regularly results in death.  In part this can be attributed to how well reptiles can mask illness.  In the wild reptiles have evolved to hide illness to avoid predation.  In captivity most problems originate with the reptile’s husbandry.  Although a veterinarian can help with a medical issue, unless the husbandry issues are addressed a complete and sustained recovery might not be possible.  Prevention is always better than cure and I would highly recommend a husbandry check for your new pet.

imageI can diagnose many reptile illnesses, but if veterinary care is required I can either recommended a good veterinary practice that can treat reptiles or I will take the animal to the vet.  In many cases my experience can assist the vet, hopefully resulting in a better outcome for the reptile.

You can contact me through the website or by phone to arrange an appointment.

I am based in Torquay, Devon and whilst I would like to provide this service to as large an area as possible, sometimes extra travel costs may be incurred.