Animal Encounters


As a professional animal keeper I work with many species of fascinating and beautiful animals including: Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises, Exotic Mammals, Invertebrates, Amphibians, Parrots, Toucans and Birds of Prey.  There’s always a dog or two around as well!

We are fully licensed, including the new Animal Activity Liscense, which became a legal requirement in April 2019.  Our license number is MAU 008248.

Some of our most popular services are an Animal Encounter Birthday Party And i regularly take my animals into Preschools, Schools and Colleges.


Here are just some of my beautiful animals:

Some of the species I keep and breed are endangered in the wild.  Others are very hard to breed in captivity, it’s these species that I have always wanted to work with and understand.

However there are many species i wouldn’t reproduce, either because there are so many waiting to find homes as unwanted pets or because their requirements are so complex they’re difficult to replicate in captivity.

I think it’s vitally important to be responsible about the animals we keep and reproduce, particularly as these animals cannot be realised into their natural habitat.  Instead I occasionally provide other trusted keepers/breeders and zoos with animals that will help ensure these species won’t become extinct even if their wild counterparts face growing adversity.


My Animal Encounters give people the opportunity to get up close and hands-on with many wonderful animals, alongside someone passionate about them, who has worked with animals most of his life.   You can read more about me “Chris Johnson” on the About page.

I can provide Animal Encounters in many settings, a few are:

  • Schools & colleges, where I can include the curriculum in a variety of areas.
  • Residential and Nursing homes
  • Birthday Parties
  • County & Village Shows
  • Photography Clubs
  • Scouts, Cubs & Brownie Groups

Animal Encounters are always with me, but occasionally I have help.  All staff are very experienced with animal handling and working with all age groups.

All staff hold an Enhanced D.B.S Certificate, and I’m subscribed to the DBS Update Service as well. Copies of these certificates and other documentation, including Risk Assessments can be provided.

Animal welfare and public safety is always a top priority.


Every measure is taken to avoid accidents but I have Public Liability Insurance.

Only trustworthy/suitable animals are brought to encounters, but do keep in mind that any animal can be unpredictable.

I always give guidance on how to handle the animals and if necessary protective equipment is used.

I hold a Performing Animals Liscense, to obtain this license my facility and the way I keep my animals are inspected.

Some photos of my enclosures and the high standards of welfare i provide are on the “About” page and on my Facebook page “Animal Encounters with Chris Johnson”.

None of the animals i bring to encounters pose any risk of serious injury.

Use the Contact form or call 07794466271 to book an Animal Encounter at your event.