Furzeham Primary School Summer Fayre 

Today I attended the Furzeham Primary School Summer Fayre for an Animal Encounters display. 

Again I had concerns about the weather and my fears were realised upon arrival at  Furzeham Green. The wind was near gale force and it started to rain. The staff were brilliant and quickly sorted an indoor area.  

Luckily for everyone outside the rain cleared, and everyone who came into see and handle the animals enjoyed the experience. 

I am so pleased the weather didn’t get the better of us and I hope to be back next year. 

Preston Rotary Club Family Fun Day

On Sunday the 26th of June I took my animals along to the Preston Rotary Club Family Fun Day for a display. 

A good friend, Steve Hopper of South Hams Hawks and Owls suggested to the Rotary that a reptile and exotic animal encounter would be good alongside his bird of prey display.  

I am very grateful to have such an opportunity and my animals proved to be popular with visitors. 

Yet again the great British weather wasn’t cooperating with a reptile display but we still had a good day. 

St Catherine’s C of E Primary School Summer Fayre 

On Saturday the 25th of June I did an Animal Encounter at St Catherine’s C of E Primary School.

I had a brilliant time showing pupils, parents and teachers the animals.  Being kept very busy until the rain started at the end of the fayre, when everyone ran inside. 

I hope everyone enjoyed it and it would be good to see you again. 

Ogwell Village Show

The animals and I will be at the Ogwell Village Show today!

Come and meet the animals and have a chance to handle a snake, lizard, tortoise, hedgehog or giant insect! 

I will be there from 12-4pm. 

Ogwell Green

Hope to see you there!

Sugar Gliders Have Arrived! 

After a lot of research i now own a pair of Sugar Gliders. Endemic to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea they share the same habitat with many of the reptiles i keep. 

One of the hardest parts of keeping Sugar Gliders is the specialised diet they eat in the wild.  In captivity we have to replicate this as closely as possible using a variety of fruits and vegetables that contain the correct balance of nutrients.  To give them all of the necessary nutrition supplements have to be added to their fruit and vegetables including, acacia gum, wombaroo and bee pollen. 

Once they have bonded to me i hope to bring them to animal encounter sessions.

Pictures coming soon.