Animal Encounter Birthday Parties 

Animal Encounter Birthday Parties are one of our most popular services.  We have some great reviews on our Facebook page “Animal Encounters with Chris Johnson”.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who would love the opportunity to get hands on and interact with a wide range of exotic animals.

I can bring a diverse selection to your home or hired venue including: Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises, Unusal Mammals, Birds of Prey and Giant Bugs.

Animal Encounter Birthday Parties can be for one hour, one and a half hours or two hours.  As the encounter gets longer I bring more animals and a bird of prey can come to encounters of one and a half hours or more, to allow enough handling time.

More pictures of the animals here.

I don’t set a maximum number of guests, but around fifteen or less works well.  Larger groups might have to be split into multiple sessions.

Everyone gets the opportunity to handle and interact with all of the animals, no barriers it’s up close and personal!

All animals are suitable to be handled and tailored to the age group.

The birthday person even gets a present to remember their Animal Encounter!

It’s the perfect gift for the animal mad person in your family.

Fully licensed and insured, all staff hold an Enhanced D.B.S Certificate, for your peace of mind.

Animal Activity License Number MAU 008248

Prices from £100

Depending on your location there might be a travel charge.

To book use the Contact page or call Chris on 07794466271

One thought on “Animal Encounter Birthday Parties 

  1. Educational, captivating and fun. Wow, Chris was absolutely fantastic with 15 5 year olds to contend with! The children all loved it, they were so excited to be allowed to touch and hold all of the animals, birds, reptiles and insects. The parents all said that it was a fantastic idea. Thank you for making our daughter’s birthday party amazing.

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